Top Tips to Let Federal Employers Know Your Worth

By Tony Jacowski

The State Department wants its employees to be “The Face Of America To The World.”

Considering that the State Department’s Press Meets that are being beamed across the globe live, leaving absolutely no room for mistakes, it is no wonder that Federal Jobs are some of the most sought-after in the country.

The above scenario is not exclusive just to the State Department – therefore, it is extremely important to prepare well for the Federal job selection process, should you decide to target a position with one of the many departments in the Federal Government. You should start with resume writing for the Federal selection process.

Resume Writing

Unlike the corporate world, none of your accomplishments, special skills, backgrounds will help unless they are explained in great detail and in the proper context. Here are the top tips to attract Federal Hiring Managers:

  • You cannot limit yourself to just listing your skills specifically related to the job you are applying for, if you are serious about landing a Federal Government position. Federal Employers have to deal with loads of employment applications that carry resumes resembling small booklets, and they are used to it. There is a danger of your resume getting pitched in the “C” file if it is not meticulously put together.
  • Refrain from using industry specific jargon and acronyms in your resume or anywhere in the application packet. It is difficult to understand how they will be interpreted, as they might have developed a different set of jargon specific to that agency.
  • Formatting exactly as per the agency’s specifications is essential. Don’t get into making special formats or graphics as this could potentially annoy recruiters. Packaging the complete application with all elements like the KSA and process standards are equal in importance.

Focus on Target Agency: Know which agencies in your skill area are continuously hiring depending on the budget available to them. These are your hot agencies.

Internships: Job directories available through public libraries list internship programs forthe summer, which is usually the application deadline. Internships usually impress Federal Hiring Managers. The State Department is the front runner in employing interns.

Know More About The Procedure: The easiest way to know and understand more about the recruitment procedure is by networking with actual federal employees. You can also unearth more on the recruiter, the working style of the agency and the pros and cons of that particular federal job.

Writing KSAs: This uphill task can be overcome by following some specific approaches. These are thinking, writing one story at a time with breaks thrown in.

There are also employment agencies and resume writers that focus specifically on helping candidates apply for federal positions, including writing KSA’s, which can be one of the most daunting tasks of the application process.

In general, you can count on independent resume writers, the public library, direct contacts, employment agencies both private and government – and the internet for your main sources in applying for jobs with the Federal Government.

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