Severity of the RN Shortage – Health Resources & Services Administration

As a whole, the U.S. is experiencing a moderate shortage of registered nurses, with more severe shortages in certain areas.

This RN shortage will continue to grow if current trends continue, including:

    • A growing and aging U.S. population
    • High demand for highest quality of care
    • An RN workforce at or approaching retirement age
    • Difficulties attracting new nurses and retaining the existing workforce.

Projected Number of and Demand for Licensed Registered Nurses, 2000-2020
        Licensed RNs    Licensed RNs Active in Nursing  FTE Licensed RN Workforce       Projected Demand for FTE Licensed RNs  
2000    2,697,000       2,249,000       1,891,000       2,001,500      
2020    2,705,000       2,163,000       1,808,000       2,824,900      
HRSA nursing programs address the nation’s registered nurse shortage by supporting nurse education, practice and retention with

    • Scholarships, loans and loan repayments to nursing students, registered nurses and nursing faculty and
    • Grants to registered nurse training programs to help them increase the number of nurses, improve their skills and keep them in the nursing field.


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