Military Spouse Intern Program

Section 564 of the 2010 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) (P.L. 111-84) authorized a pilot program to secure internships for military spouses with Federal agencies. 

The Department of Defense will reimburse Federal agencies for first year salary, benefits, and training costs if an eligible military spouse is appointed to a permanent position that provides training and career progression. Ideally, these appointments will be to occupations that are portable, either in various geographic locations within the hiring agency or in other agencies throughout the United States.  This portability recognizes the need of the spouse to relocate with their service member when required.  There are approximately 120 positions that will be available for this year’s internship.

Eligibility to be considered as a qualified candidate for this internship program includes:

  • All spouses of active duty service members EXCEPT:

    • Spouse who is legally separated from service member when the person begins the internship
    • Spouse who is also a member of the Armed Forces on active duty
    • Spouse who is retired member of the Armed Forces

A website dedicated to the 2010 Military Spouse Internship Pilot Program is currently under development and will be launched in the upcoming weeks. The military spouse website will provide additional information and helpful resources for hiring managers, agencies, and military spouses to understand the process and address questions that are specific to the program.

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