Mullen Urges Businesses to Take On Veteran Employees, Help Veteran Re-Assimilation

As combat operations in Iraq end, thousands of veteran military members are coming home to a desolate economy in which finding work is about as hard as finding a needle in a hay stack. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen asked business leaders at a press briefing on Wednesday to step up and give veteran employees a chance, praising their loyalty and unique life experiences as assets to any business.

Mullen stated that there are more than 1 million veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with the same dreams of careers and families as regular American citizens. The difference is many of these veterans are wounded or don’t have the necessary schooling or training to succeed in a position right off the bat. Because they require more confidence in natural skill and life experience than training, employers choose to look past them. Mullen is asking leading employers to focus more on veteran potential to help our veterans achieve their goals and dreams.

“They would like an education, it’s obvious they’d like to raise a family, they’d like to own a home. And certainly they’d like to be contributing members of society, and a big part of that is to be employed,” Mullen explained at the briefing.

Mullen’s encouragement is part of a government effort to extinguish the stigma many people have that once a soldier has served, the government sends them on their way with a sack lunch and a pat on the back. Government agencies are trying to actively support veterans’ lives after they have completed their service. Assisting with employment placement is the first step necessary to achieve this.

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