Reservists Breathe Easier As House Covers Pay Gaps

As tensions rise for reserve members forced into involuntary mobilization the House of Representatives took a step forward to take off some of that financial pressure by closing the gap between civilian and military salaries.

The House’s bill would help those reservists involuntarily mobilized for 30 days or more whose civilian pay rate is more than their military pay rate.

It was created to address “family hardships caused by some reservists and National Guard members being deployed for the second or third time,” said Representative Robert Brady, D-Pa. Brady is the chief sponsor of the bill. He stated that service members that would be eligible for the financial compensation would be employed by the House of Representatives for at least 90 days. The House of Representatives would pay the extra money to fill the gaps, not the individual offices in which the employees work.

The bill was passed by a voice vote and now travels to the Senate, where, aides state, it has a good chance of passing. is a leader in dispersing relevant information on the web about jobs, education and more for military, veterans and their families.  We support your patronage and thank you for your service.  Within our thousands of pages, you’ll find an employer directory of over 30,000 employers and a newly improved job board.  Our users also have access to expert job tips and columns written by top job coaches.  Among those job tips is expert advice on interview tips, such as the best questions to ask in an interview.  Our Virtual Job Fair features jobs for military and military spouses, military jobs, government jobs, veteran jobs, diversity jobs, civilian jobs and much more.  Every piece of information offered on our sight is free to users.  We provide military education resources including information on the GI Bill, military schools, a military school directory and information on current educational benefits.  Our scholarship directory supplies information on many different scholarship opportunities and how to find them.  When the next tour is back home, it’s on