New Engines or Economic Growth and Job Creation

SACRAMENTO, CA — A recent study by The Apollo Alliance, Green for All, and Center for American Progress, issued several reports on green-collar jobs. A green-collar job is defined as work that provides high enough wages and benefits to support a family, the opportunity to advance and build a career, and reduces waste, pollution, and other environmental risks. The list includes machinists, technicians, service workers, equipment and installation specialists, construction workers, and managers of all kinds.

The report notes that a number of America’s largest cities and metropolitan regions are defying national trends in housing foreclosures, unemployment, and income stagnation. They have become new engines of job growth and prosperity through sustainability initiatives and economic development strategies. These initiatives are also focusing on managing the development of businesses and jobs to meet current environmental conditions and market demands.

The movement to make American cities more sustainable, efficient and livable is perhaps the greatest new engine for urban economic growth, innovation, and job creation in decades. There is a focus on developing local green jobs in clean energy industries – energy efficiency, renewable energy, alternative transportation, and low-carbon fuels – laying out a 4-step process which includes a focus on transitioning low income residents into green-collar jobs.

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