Typically, a requirement to apply for a Federal job is a resume. This resume is different than a civilian resume. The Federal Resume – whether it is an OF-612 or SF-171 replacement or a Resumix format or other online format – contains more information than a civilian resume. It is in a specific format, as specified by the federal government in the position announcement. A Federal Resume needs to include the key words required for the job(s) being applied for. It also needs to be complete, with information not typically found on a civilian resume – including social security numbers, full addresses of previous employers, supervisor names and phone numbers, and detailed listing of education and training. In addition, online formats, including USAJobs, AVUE, QuickHire, Army Resumix, Navy Resumix and Air Force Resumix are very specific, both in terms of actual format and document length. These on-line formats can be very restricting, and if you are not computer-savvy, can also be very difficult to do correctly. If they are not done correctly, your application will be rejected.

In addition to the resume, some Federal job announcements require additional statements. Some of these statements are known as KSAs – Knowledge, Skills, and Ability statements. If they are asked for, they are required. Typically, they are 3/4 to 1-1/2 page answers to questions related to the job being applying for – and each KSA will be graded from 5 to 20 points per answer. They can be daunting questions to answer. In addition to KSAs, other statements may be required. These can be Selective Preference Factors, Technical Qualifications or Professional Qualifications.

Senior Executive Service (SES) positions are the highest levels in the civil service. Generally, personnel in these positions run entire functions for the entire agency, and in order to apply, require at least 10 years experience. In the military, the equivalent level is Colonel or Captain in the Navy or higher – and unless an applicant applying for an SES position directly from the military is O-5 with several years experience at that level or higher, the applicant will not be successful. For Senior Executive Service positions, in addition to resume and additional statements, Executive Core Qualification (ECQ) statements addressing leadership competencies, including Leading Change, Leading People, Business Acumen, Results Driven and Building Coalitions are required.


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