Economic Downturn Leaves Health Care Industry Unaffected

Even though the economy has pulled thousands of jobs out from under American’s feet, the health care job market has yet to feel any real pressure. Contrary, the health care field has actually added about 52,000 jobs in certain areas while the rest of the nation lost about 20,000 jobs just in April, says the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The health care field has continuously provided jobs throughout the last decade when other job fields were hurting or greatly diminishing. The advancement of medical technology in the past few decades has increased the age to which most Americans live. Even people with chronic illnesses or fatal diseases are living longer lives due to the medical capabilities of today’s physicians. The demand for nurse practitioners is steadily rising and doesn’t seem to have an end.

What’s interesting is that while there are many job openings in the medical field, the ratio of qualified critical care nurses and advanced practice nurses to those jobs is greatly unbalanced. Recruiters are attending more and more job fairs and are reaching far around the nation to find the qualified applicants they desire. Some programs are offering a signing bonuses and partial tuition reimbursement in order to attract qualified candidates. acknowledges military nurses for their incredible work ethic and commitment to their craft.  These attributes are what make military nurses highly viable for the correctional nursing field.  Additionally, military nurses are in excellent physical condition and up to the special challenges correctional nursing requires.  Military nurses also have a keen understanding of the chain of command.  Military nurses receive outstanding educational benefits and this, along with their desire to serve, is what attracts them to join the military.  Generally, military nurses earn their BSN and MSN degrees and are able to find stable work with great benefits through government agencies.  They are prime candidates for the correctional health system on all levels including federal, state, county and city. offers a multitude of information about the nursing field, specifically for military nurses.  It is the best way to connect with military nurses seeking correctional, government and civilian jobs.  When the next tour is back home, it’s on