EMDR treatment shows promise for veterans with PTSD
The ever-increasing number of military veterans arriving home with post traumatic stress disorder continues to rise. These numbers call for open minds when it comes to treatment, and those with open minds are finding new and exciting possibilities within treatments such as Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)
Military Education and Training Benefits Boosted by New Additions to Post 9/11 GI Bill
Veteran education and training benefits under the law commonly known as the Post 9/11 GI Bill were increased and modified by several amendments that went into effect on October 1. The new rules are expected to increase participation in veteran education programs by offering generally expanded benefits and simplifying the formula for reimbursing colleges for military veteran tuition, among other changes both major and minor.
Military Connection Works to Boost Lagging Veteran Employment Numbers
Of the many challenges faced by American soldiers and sailors returning to civilian life, simply finding work can be one of the toughest. In some previous eras, veteran employment opportunities abounded as part of a booming post-war U.S. economy, but for today’s returning veteran jobs are much scarcer.
Military Employment Military Employment
Our country faces unique challenges in the 21st century in sustaining a skilled civilian workforce. The demand for qualified personnel in a diverse array of occupational specialties continues to grow. Additionally, the global nature of the economy has caused employers to face increasing competition from foreign countries in their efforts to find appropriate candidates in many areas of the job market, including federal and government jobs.
Re-Entering Military Work Force Re-entering the Work Force post-Military
What do the United States Military and Corporate America have in common? With over 180,000 service men and women transitioning annually from military jobs to civilian life, hopefully the answer will be a significant amount. According to a 2002 Department of Defense study entitled “Married to the Military”, about half of all active-duty members of the armed forces will be married by the time they enter their fifth year of service.
Military Family Support The Importance of Support Groups for Military Families
According to the Department of Defense, all four branches of the service in February 2008 marked their eighth straight month of successful active duty recruiting, meeting or exceeding their recruitment goals. With over 150,000 troops currently deployed in the Middle East, and without a foreseeable end to military operations in sight, hundreds of thousands of military families in the United States are feeling the effects of separation.
Hugs for Troops Gift Baskets Reach Out to Troops Overseas
Since founding their company, Scottsdale-based Business of Baskets, the mother and daughter team Deb and Heidi Jones have created many corporate gift baskets and executive gift baskets. Their beautiful baskets and unique gifts are perfect for client gifts, holiday events, and baby shower celebrations. To remember and support our military men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan, Business of Baskets offers special gifts called Hugs for Troops…