During the Interview

1.  Promote Yourself

Although you may cringe at the thought, you need to sell yourself during the interview. You have a product (yourself) to offer this organization, and you must make sure that the interviewer understands what you have to offer. If you sit back and dutifully await the interviewer’s questions, you may never have the opportunity to mention your best skills and qualities. This doesn’t mean that you take over the interview or ignore the interviewer’s questions. Remember that although the interviewer controls the flow of the interview, you control the content.

2. Set Yourself Apart from the Competition

Your interviewer may be bored to tears from interviewing a series of cookie-cutter candidates who speak in the same generalities about their qualifications: “I’m a diligent worker, I’m a team player, I’m a quick learner.”

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use those terms in describing yourself. But you should be able to describe, in detail, previous situations in which you demonstrated those qualities.

3.  Enthusiasm is Vital!

Demonstrate your interest in the job and in the organization. Enthusiasm works best when it is:

    • Sincere. Don’t gush over a job or an organization that you couldn’t give a hoot about. In fact, why are you interviewing with this organization if you’re not excited about the job?

    • Based in your deep interests. If you start your career and job search with an awareness of your deepest, most compelling interests, you should eventually find yourself in interviews for jobs that you truly are excited about.

In addition to those three things, try to:

  • RELAX!
  • Answer the questions using the “Prove It” method (see Attachment C).
  • Ask intelligent questions about the organization.
  • Keep negative information about yourself to yourself.
  • Be honest.
  • Maintain eye contact with the interviewer(s).
  • Be believable, be yourself.
  • Find ways to let the interviewer know you are a team player.


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