Changes to Voluntary Education Program Helps Sailors Achieve Educational Goals

By Susan Lawson, Center for Personal and Professional Development Public Affairs

Navy Sailor

November  1, 2010 -VIRGINIA BEACH, Va.  (NNS) — Changes made to the Navy’s  Voluntary Education (VOLED) program this year are designed to first  prepare the Sailor for the job and then focus on the pursuit of academic goals.

A significant change included the stand up of the Virtual Education Center (VEC) where Sailors can  receive counseling and information around the globe.

“It’s important for our Sailors to understand the Navy’s focus on  voluntary education,” said Capt. Chuck Hollingsworth, Center for Personal and Professional  Development (CPPD) commanding officer. “Our goal is not to simply  ‘enroll more Sailors,’ but to enroll Sailors who are postured for success in  the pursuit of a degree.”

CPPD, part of the Naval  Education and Training Command domain, manages the execution of the  Navy’s VOLED programs.

“We work closely with Sailors to ensure they maximize their education benefits by  providing them with education planning and counseling prior to their use of  tuition assistance (TA),” Hollingsworth said. “This pre-planning and  counseling gives Sailors time to acclimate to their work in the Navy, and also  allows them time to develop foundational education skills that will help ensure  their future academic successes.

According to Hollingsworth, NAVADMIN 105/10 is the most significant VOLED  policy change in the past 12 months, and has been met with broad approval,  especially within the ranks of senior enlisted leadership. NAVADMIN 105/10  requires new accessions, both officer and enlisted, to serve one year at their  first permanent duty station before applying for TA. It further requires all  Sailors to have an education plan on file with Navy  College before TA will be  authorized.

“The Navy’s VOLED  policies serve to get the right Sailor, the right degree, at the right  time,” Hollingsworth said. “The first 12 months at the first  permanent duty station is a crucial period of ‘Sailorization,’ when Sailors should concentrate on  learning their Navy job and establish themselves as a valued asset to their  command.

“The education plan requires Sailors to think about their education goals.  This thought process serves to reduce the number of individuals who take  courses arbitrarily, without a focus toward long-term education goals. We want Sailors to succeed in their  careers and in their academics, which is why we provide them with  comprehensive education planning and support services,” said  Hollingsworth.

The TA program provides active-duty personnel funding for tuition costs for courses  taken in an off-duty status at a college, university or vocational/technical  institution.

Navy TA pays tuition and fees charged by educational institutions for course enrollments  up-front for Sailors. Under the program, TA pays 100 percent of tuition costs  for courses applicable to the completion of a high school diploma or  equivalency certificate.

For other education levels, there is a fiscal year credit limit of 16 semester  hours, or 24 quarter hours, per individual. Payment for tuition and fees cannot  exceed $250 per semester hour or $166.67 per quarter hour.

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