All Expenses Paid Employment Training for 20- to 24-Year-Old Vets

All Expenses Paid Employment Training for 20- to 24-Year-Old Vets—Includes transportation, training, living expenses, follow-up services.

Dear Partners in Veterans’ Employment,

As the Assistant Secretary for Veterans’ Employment and Training, it gives me great pleasure to announce an exciting new training and employment opportunity for Veterans who are 20 to 24 years old!

The Veterans’ Employment and Training Service and the Employment and Training Administration’s (ETA) Job Corps are partnering in a demonstration project that will provide Job Corps’ comprehensive array of career development services to eligible Veterans 20 to 24 years old to prepare them for successful careers.

This is a fully-funded, all-expense-paid demonstration project that is free for the Veterans. The program includes transportation to and from the Job Corps center, housing, meals, basic medical services, academic and career technical training, bi-weekly living allowance, and job placement and post-graduation support.

We have worked with Job Corps to create an accelerated, customized program developed specifically for Veterans. This program recognizes the maturity and life experience that our Veterans have gained from their military experience.

Job Corps employs a holistic career development training approach that teaches academic, vocational, employability skills and social competencies in an integrated manner through a combination of classroom, practical and based learning experiences to prepare participants for stable, long-term, and high-paying jobs. One of the important outcomes is that participants will obtain a credential or certificate certifying them in a trade.

Veterans accepted in the demonstration project will be living among non-Veterans and other Veterans who are also transitioning from the military to civilian life. One of the Job Corps program’s key benefits is its post-graduate support. When Veterans are ready to begin transitioning into their career, Job Corps staff will assist them in job searching, resume drafting, and job interviewing skills.

Job Corps will provide graduates with transition services for up to 21 months after graduation, including assistance with housing, transportation and other support services. Upon completion of training, Veterans will be assigned to a career transition counselor to assist them with job placement or enrollment in higher education.

    • Atterbury Job Corps Center in Edinburgh, Indiana;

    • Earle C. Clements Job Corps Center in Morganfield, Kentucky; and

    • Excelsior Springs Job Corps Center in Excelsior Springs, Missouri.

The enrollment will be open and continuous until a center reaches 100 Veterans. It is expected that Veteran participants will be enrolling and graduating at various rates. Although Job Corps has set aside 300 slots for the demonstration project, actual participation during the year may exceed that number due to the continuous enrollment.

We will be announcing this demonstration project and providing handouts and other information in our TAP Employment Workshops all over the world. TAP facilitators will discuss this initiative in class and Job Corps personnel will visit selected sites to answer questions and initiate applications for interested Veterans. Once a participant has been identified and accepted into the program, he/she will be given the opportunity to select one of the three Job Corps training centers chosen by Job Corps for this demonstration project.

This is a one-year demonstration program and we want to demonstrate demand for the program and its effectiveness as quickly as possible so that we can look at expanding it.

To make this demonstration project a success, we need your assistance in getting the word out. Attached are three brochures that provide all the pertinent details and contact information. 

For an overview of the program, including locations of Job Corps centers, click here (

For a list of FAQs about the program, click here (

To view the program brochure, click here (

Applications for this program are currently being accepted

Here is the contact info to sign-up for the demonstration project:

(800) 733 – JOBS / 5627

VETS’ point of contact in our National Office is Tim Winter at 202-693-4705 or  [email protected].

This is a great opportunity for our young Veterans and we all need to help them take advantage of it.


Ray Jefferson

Assistant Secretary for Veterans’ Employment and Training

Veterans’ Employment and Training Service

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