Know your strengths before job hunting – Abridged

AUSTIN, TX — While applying for a job, know your strengths and weaknesses and be ready to address them. If you know your advantage, the chances of finding the job you want will be higher. However, you should not become too confident because this is among the most common mistakes that plague job applicants. Appearing too surefooted or somewhat of a know-it-all will merely get you tagged by your interviewer as unfit for the job.

There are two primary types of skills: Hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are technical and specialized and are things you do like knowing a certain computer program or having the ability to type quickly. Soft skills are personality traits like being a good team player, enthusiastic, organized. Identify your accomplishments and skills first because it is your ticket to that job. Articulate your abilities and expertise as best as possible. It’s crucial to tell the employer your gifts and talents.

Be able to sell your abilities. That’s how you’ll acquire the job you want. When employers inquire about your strong points, give an effective answer. Before you even go for an interview, highlight your achievements and talents in your resume. After listing all your skills and the things you do well, decide the area or career you want. Choose the accomplishments on your list and match them with the career you are seeking.

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