After The Interview

Interview Conclusion

After the Interview

The interview may be over but you are not finished yet. After the interview you should:

•   Write down the name and title (be sure the spelling is correct) of the interviewer.

    • Review what the next step will be.

    • Note your reactions to the interview; include what went well and what went poorly.

    • Assess how you can improve your performance in future interviews.

    • Send a “thank you” note within 24 hours; your thank you note should:

    • Be simple and brief.

    • Express your appreciation for the interviewer’s time.

    • Show enthusiasm for the job.

    • Convey why they should select you for the job.

Most people know that a thank you letter should be sent after an interview, but very few actually send one. Sending a thank you note could give you the edge, so be sure to write one.

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