Pockets of Job Market Growth continue to emerge

Business Wire

Despite an economic slowdown that has kept the threat of recession looming for the past eight months, there are pockets of job market growth that continue to emerge in the technology, healthcare and defense sectors. According to The Ladders Quarterly Executive Job Market Trends report job seekers said they have noticed a slow-down this quarter. However, undeterred by the economic slow-down, 58% of those surveyed described the high-end job markets in their cities as stable and 59% said they expect to land a new job in six months or less.

This optimism is echoed in the hiring patterns among the large American corporations according to TheLadders Quarterly Report. While hiring in the financial and consumer discretionary sectors has clearly been impacted by the continued fall-out from the mortgage market collapse, the technology, healthcare and defense sectors are all adding to their executive-level ranks nationwide.

There were 12,000 more $100,000+ jobs posted on TheLadders in the first quarter of 2008 than there were in the first quarter of 2007. The recession is grabbing the headlines, but there are always countercyclical segments of the market that thrive in a down economy. The reports are showing a lot of reliance in this marketplace.


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