After 33 Years in Army, Dunwoody Named First Four-Star General

Following a 33-year stint in the United States Army, Ann E. Dunwoody was named to the position of Four-Star General, the first woman ever to be given the title in U.S. military history.

In such a male-dominated organization, Dunwoody suggested that it was a credit to the Army that she reached such a prestigious position.

In June, President George W. Bush nominated her for promotion to four-star rank, an act that humbled Dunwoody because she “grew up in a family that didn’t know what glass ceilings were.” This is a first for the military but also a landmark moment for women in the United States, when one glass ceiling has definitely been shattered.

At 55 years old, respectively, Dunwoody feels a bit uncomfortable about the “much-ado” over her success of being named the first female general officer.

“This nomination only reaffirms what I have known to be true about the military throughout my career—that the doors continue to open for men and women in uniform,” Dunwoody said of her promotional nomination.

Following her graduation from the State University of New York, Dunwoody received her Army commission and began her service in 1975. The U.S. Senate confirmed her advancement in July. is a leader in dispersing relevant information on the web about jobs, education and more for military, veterans and their families.  We support your patronage and thank you for your service.  Within our thousands of pages, you’ll find an employer directory of over 30,000 employers and a newly improved job board.  Our users also have access to expert job tips and columns written by top job coaches.  Among those job tips is expert advice on interview tips, such as the best questions to ask in an interview.  Our Virtual Job Fair features jobs for military and military spouses, military jobs, government jobs, veteran jobs, diversity jobs, civilian jobs and much more.  Every piece of information offered on our sight is free to users.  We provide military education resources including information on the GI Bill, military schools, a military school directory and information on current educational benefits.  Our scholarship directory supplies information on many different scholarship opportunities and how to find them.  When the next tour is back home, it’s on