Choosing a “Military-Friendly” School

Many times, service members are leery of schools claiming to be “military-friendly” because these schools don’t always hold up to their claim. Sometimes, veterans needing extra time off from class for surgery or recovery for battle-related wounds are not provided what was promised them. When it comes to finding a school that truly is “military-friendly,” there are a few points to keep in mind.

Speaking with other service members who have attended colleges is a great place to start. Ask them questions about their experiences at certain military-friendly schools. Then, talk to the schools themselves. Ask them what they do to hold up their name as a military-friendly school. Do they offer class extensions for classes already underway? Are there different learning tracks to choose from, i.e. 8-week intensive courses instead of 16-week courses? Find out what makes each school stand out as military-friendly.

Another great place to find information is by speaking with a military education counselor.

In an email to Decision Times, Bob Bothel, director of Voluntary Education for the Coast Guard, wrote, “I cannot overstate the importance of a service member working with their education services officer.” Talking with education counselors specifically educated in military education and knowledgeable of the specific needs of military students can clear up confusion and offer insight as to which colleges fit the specific needs of military members.

Not all schools are accredited colleges. Do research to ensure that the school for which you apply is recognized by the Education Department as an accredited college. Only accredited colleges are covered under the GI Bill. Also ensure that you meet the school’s requirements or that you are able to attend based on a combination of other qualifications. is a portal of all things military.  We appreciate your service and patronage and continuously work to be your “go-to” site for employment and education information.  We work to connect members of military and veteran communities as well as their families with outstanding jobs.  We handle all occupational areas including healthcare, transportation, law enforcement, trades, security, high tech and much more.  You will find excellent jobs for military and veterans in both the civilian and government sectors on our site. is proud to present a multitude of resources for those seeking employment opportunities including a variety of articles and job tips aimed to help you find work.  We also have many valuable resources including our Virtual Job Fair, Directory of Employers and the Military Connection Job Board with thousands of nationwide jobs. recognizes the wonderful contributions of Transition Officers and Veteran Service Officers.  We value their hard work and are proud to work with and for them.  When the next tour is back home, it’s on