5 Flexible Jobs That Pay $40K and Up

Think that flexibility and high-paying jobs can’t coincide? Think again. Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly possible to have both the flexibility you need and the salary you deserve while doing something you want.

Here are five high paying and highly flexible jobs that will have your bills paid and expand your personal time.


Sell Products, Not Your Time

Become a salesperson and enjoy your free time while making money. Sales is a career that relies more on your personality than how many hours you are in the office and since much of your work can be done by phone or from home, your work day is extremely flexible.

Feel the Earn

Because most of your work as a salesperson is commission-based, your earning potential is huge, reaching the $70,000 mark and up. For example, the average salary of a person in scientific product sales is around $70,200. Pharmaceutical sales? These average about $74,000 per year.

A bachelor’s degree in business or marketing is generally preferred for certain sales positions because it incorporates much of the needed training a salesperson needs. So, with a bachelor’s degree and a bit of charisma, you can be on your way to setting your own work load and earning those figures (not to mention enjoying the travel perks) in no time.


Design Your Own Schedule

Graphic design artists are famous for their ability to work alone for extended periods of time—oh, and also for working from home, the coffee shop, the library, or anywhere else that has an outlet. Since graphic design is done completely on computers, you can perform most of your work anywhere you want. Working as a freelance graphic design artist is perfect if you want the most flexibility in your day with great earning potential because you have the ability to set your own hours and work load, choosing only the projects you want.

A bachelor’s degree in a graphic design field is usually required for most jobs, although an associate’s is acceptable.

Creative Income

How does $40,000 a year sound for doing what you want, when you want? Graphic design artists are averaging about $42,400 per year. Since most of the equipment needed to complete work is owned by the artist himself, there is little overhead and large profit.


Flexibility and Meaning

Occupational therapist assistants work a variety of hours. Because they help the disabled learn how to complete basic daily tasks related to employment and daily living, they are often called in on weekends or evenings to work with those people that cannot come in during the day. The hours are not set in stone, leaving you free to enjoy the flexibility it has to offer.

Make a Difference AND a Living

Performing meaningful work and making a decent living may seem like a pipe dream to some, but a career as an occupational therapist assistant does just that. Not only is this work incredibly fulfilling but you have the potential to earn a salary in the $50,000 range. The average occupational therapist assistant earns about $48,230 per year. Talk about money well earned!


Your Turf, Your Time

Registered nurses work odd hours and because many medical institutions don’t follow the same holiday or closing schedule as other organizations, there is even more flexibility and availability in the hours you are scheduled. The hours are usually long but the number of shifts is less per week than other jobs, leaving your time more open for you to do with as you wish.

Nurse Your Income Back to Health

Becoming a registered nurse, or RN, requires dedication and perseverance but reaps great rewards for your finances. The average RN receives around $62,000 a year. Not bad for a few weekends and nights a week. There are plenty of different programs for you to prepare for your career, too. From nursing diploma programs to associate’s degrees in nursing to bachelor’s degrees in nursing, you have many options to get your career going.


No Shoes? No Problem!

A great aspect of court reporting is that you can choose to work when you want by becoming a freelancer. You can choose assignments that fit your schedule and take vacation when you want. Plus, much of the work a court reporter performs can be done from the comfort of your own home, leaving you to enjoy the comfort of your slippers and mug of coffee.

Report Higher Earnings

The facts don’t lie. Court reporters can secure an average of $49,000 or more per year recording legal proceedings. What’s more, the only real educational requirement is an associate’s degree in court reporting, so you aren’t spending thousands of dollars on schooling before diving in.

All salary data from U.S. Department of Labor


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