Tricare CRSC Travel Pay

If you are a retiree and your Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC) Board has awarded you CRSC, you may be entitled to the CRSC travel benefit. Tricare Prime enrollees, including those enrolled in the US Family Health Plan, are also eligible for the Tricare Prime Travel Benefit. This benefit provides reimbursement for travel-related expenses when you must travel more than 100 miles from your referring provider’s location to obtain medically necessary, nonemergency specialty care for a combat-related disability. Only reasonable, actual-cost travel expenses (e.g., lodging, fuel [rather than mileage], meals, parking, tolls) associated with receiving specialty care can be reimbursed. You are expected to use the least costly mode of transportation. Government rates will be used to estimate the reasonable costs for allowable expenses. To review the rates, visit Please contact your Tricare Regional Office (TRO) for more information about reimbursable expenses and authorization requirements. To qualify, you must meet all of the following criteria:

    • Be receiving retired, retired retainer, or equivalent pay; and

    • Have been awarded a Combat-Related Special Compensation determination letter from your service’s CRSC Board identifying the combat-related disability or disabilities; and

    • Reside stateside and be covered under Tricare Standard or Tricare For Life; and

    • Have been referred by your provider for specialty care that is more than 100 miles from your referring provider to obtain care for the combat-related disability

One non-medical attendant (NMA) may also be entitled to reimbursement of travel-related expenses. Your referring provider must verify in writing that an NMA is medically necessary and appropriate to travel with you. The NMA can be a parent, spouse, or other adult family member (age 21 or older) or a legal guardian. If the NMA is an active duty service member or a U.S. government employee, he or she may be entitled to temporary duty allowances (per diem and mileage) if on travel duty per their organization. Although travel orders are not required, you must submit a travel request via fax or mail in advance to your TRO with the following documentation:

    • Copy of your CRSC determination letter identifying the combat-related disabilities.

    • Your home address and referring provider’s address.

    • Referral for specialty care to treat the specified combat related disability.

    • Statement (may be included in the referral) from the referring provider indicating that an NMA is medically necessary and appropriate, if applicable.

    • Completed electronic funds transfer (EFT) authorization form for yourself and your NMA; form must be accompanied by a voided/canceled check or a copy of your savings account statement.

You and your NMA must pay for travel expenses up front and then submit a claim for reimbursement. A separate claim must be submitted per trip, per qualified awardee or NMA. Only one individual can be reimbursed for each expense. All reimbursements are made through EFT. Claims should be submitted to the appropriate TRO via fax or mail. Email submissions will not be accepted. Completed and signed claims forms are available online on the Forms Management Program Web site at Each claim submission must include:

    • Travel Voucher or Subvoucher (DD Form 1351-2) is appropriate for all travel reimbursements and is mandatory for lodging.

    • Statement of Actual Expenses (DD Form 1351-3) is required in support of DD Form 1351-2 forms submitted by qualifying civilians (not employed by the U.S. government).

    • Travel Voucher or Subvoucher (Continuation Sheet) (DD Form 1351-2c) may be used for continuation of DD Form 1351-2 expenses.

    • Claim for Reimbursement for Expenditures on Official Business (SF Form 1164) may be used in place of DD Form 1351-2 if you are not filing for reimbursement of lodging expenses.

    • Copy of the CRSC determination letter (if not provided prior to travel).

    • Completed EFT authorization form (if not provided prior to travel).

    • Documentation from the specialty care provider verifying he or she treated you for the specified combat-related disability and the date(s) of service; to view sample documentation, visit

    • Statement from the referring provider indicating the need for an NMA (if applicable and not provided prior to travel).

    • Legible receipts (or comparable written documents) indicating the payment(s) made for reimbursable goods and services; receipts must include: Name of the company or vendor, date of transaction,  items or services purchased, unit price, and total amount paid.

The TRO staff will review your travel request and assist in locating a specialty provider or confirm that the requested specialist is a Tricare-authorized provider outside the 100-mile radius. If requests are not submitted in advance, the TRO considers travel reimbursement on a case-by-case basis. Submitting a request for reimbursement does not guarantee payment.  For information and assistance about eligibility, claims, and reimbursements, contact your TRO at:

    • Tricare Regional Office—North, 700 N. Moore Street, Suite 1200, Arlington, VA 22209 Tel: 1-866-307-9749 or 1-703-588-1867/1869 Fax: 1-703-696-3774 E-mail: [email protected] Web site:

    • Tricare Regional Office—South 7800 IH-10 West Suite 400 San Antonio, TX 78230 Tel: 1-800-554-2397 Fax: 1-210-292-3222 E-mail: [email protected]  Web site:

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