Bill Signed By President Bush Includes Pay Raise for Troops

A pay raise for U.S. troops was only one portion of the legislation signed by President Bush on Tuesday. The legislation includes a massive bump in the amount of defense spending allowed for the 2009 budget year. U.S. troops will receive a 3.9 percent pay increase as well as added financial support for tuition assistance, housing for military families and many other programs.

The bill allows for an astounding $612 billion to be allocated to defense spending. $70 billion is strictly reserved for U.S. operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, made to ease the way for President Bush to build an anti-missile system in Eastern Europe.

Parts of the original legislation were omitted from the final version, including sections written to allow Congress the ability to block security pacts with Iraq as well as language that restricted private interrogators from visiting U.S. military detention facilities. is a leader in dispersing relevant information on the web about jobs, education and more for military, veterans and their families.  We support your patronage and thank you for your service.  Within our thousands of pages, you’ll find an employer directory of over 30,000 employers and a newly improved job board.  Our users also have access to expert job tips and columns written by top job coaches.  Among those job tips is expert advice on interview tips, such as the best questions to ask in an interview.  Our Virtual Job Fair features jobs for military and military spouses, military jobs, government jobs, veteran jobs, diversity jobs, civilian jobs and much more.  Every piece of information offered on our sight is free to users.  We provide military education resources including information on the GI Bill, military schools, a military school directory and information on current educational benefits.  Our scholarship directory supplies information on many different scholarship opportunities and how to find them.  When the next tour is back home, it’s on