“Yellow Ribbon” Upgrade Increases Job Prospects for Military Vets

For some military veteran students, the Yellow Ribbon program added to the Post-9/11 GI Bill makes all the difference in the world. Some will be able to attend a four-year school instead of a local community college while others will be able to attend school as a full-time student. The benefits of the Yellow Ribbon program vary from student to student, but many would say it saved their educational career.

The Yellow Ribbon program is a provision of the GI Bill that increases the variety of schools students may attend. The original GI Bill limited students to attend only public schools but the new provision extends that coverage to public and private schools. Many students are finding that the increase in the educational standard they now receive from the Yellow Ribbon program is broadening their career choices. Many students who would otherwise attend a community college or earn a 2-year degree are finding that they now have the opportunity to receive a 4-year degree. This increases their chances of obtaining a better career.

The Yellow Ribbon program is strictly for those veterans who served at least 36 months of active duty or were honorably discharged after 30 continuous days of service in response to a service-related injury after September 10, 2001. It offers veterans the chance to attend school up to 15 years after discharge. Another positive change is that veterans may choose to transfer their benefits to a dependent.

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