Veterans Farm For Disabled Vets

Veteran’s Farm is a veteran’s organization, founded by Adam Burke, a Purple Heart recipient, in 2010 in Jacksonville, FL. This thirteen acre, handicap accessible, organic, sustainable farm is worked by disabled combat veterans post 9/11 with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and TBI (traumatic brain injury). One of the primary objectives is to “provide a prescription without medication through horticulture therapy”.

Each veteran completes a six month fellowship, during which time they gain knowledge and skills that provides them with the necessary resources to go out and start their own farms, or to work for larger farming enterprises, thereby giving back to their community.

Veteran’s Farm partakes in community projects, establishing gardens for Allied Veterans (a shelter for homeless veterans downtown Jacksonville, FL) and the North Florida School for Special Education. The objective of the farm is to provide skills in horticulture in a tranquil and healing environment conducive to learning. The scope of education the fellows obtain during their six months on the farm includes:
team work and collaboration skills, environmental and nutritional information, explore diversification into hi-tech horticulture, learning methods to improve irrigation, and the production of quality organic produce. Additionally, they learn or improve management skills, including accounting, finance and organization, applying measurement methods of achievement. Partnering with the large Veteran Network on farming has proved successful. Veterans Farm is sponsored by 501c non-profit Work Vessels for Veterans.

Thank you for supporting the brave women and men of our military and we hope you will watch the inspirational YouTube video of Adam here.

As an ICU nurse, I have been volunteering at Veterans Farm for the past four months; I have been humbled and inspired by these veterans. They are upbeat and positive young men who, despite their injuries and limitations, do not shun physical work. They are eager to participate in community service, and remain intent on serving their country.

Caroline Miles RN/ Volunteer/ Resource Coordinator
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 321-257-9618