From the Shadows Into the Light

It has often been said that America is the greatest nation on earth, exemplified by its profound humanity. “From the Shadows Into the Light”, an autobiographical story, provides a snapshot of why.

Germany was defeated in World War I, and the country went into a deep depression. People were distraught, and struggled to survive. After Adolf Hitler came on the scene in 1933, he transformed the Weimar Republic into the Third Reich. He promised to change the failing economic conditions, and assured the German people a better life. He became supreme commander in 1938, stripping military commanders of their positions and taking control of the military. Hitler’s goal was to create a pure German Aryan nation of blue-eyed, blond citizens. He rejected anyone who did not fit his fanatical idea. His brutal henchmen tortured inno¬cent people, and killed over six million Jews.

Olivia, the third of four siblings, was born in Berlin, Germany, during a bomb attack at the beginning of World War II. Her parents, both born in Berlin, were practicing Christians. Her mother’s maternal heritage was Jewish, dating back many generations. Under Hitler’s law, it became illegal for Aryans to be associated with Jews.

Home visitations by the Gestapo increased, and Olivia’s parents were warned that their illegal relationship would result in severe consequences. They had to appear at the police station, and they were separately interrogated. The Gestapo showed Olivia’s pregnant mother pictures of concentration camp torture victims. She was told that she and her four children would endure the same fate if she did not break off her relationship. Shortly after that, at the age of 38, Olivia’s father had to report for active duty in the Army.

A family friend who was employed at City Hall secretly informed Olivia’s mother that she and her four children were scheduled for pickup to be sent to a concentration camp. Olivia’s mother pleaded with God to spare their lives. It was then that Olivia’s search to “touch the face of God”. This is an amazing retelling of the terror of growing up in a country at war, the courage and fortitude of a little girl, and of the heroism and generosity of the American military and the American people, who saved the family.

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