A Time to Embrace a Time to Refrain from Embracing

My book, A Time to Embrace a Time to Refrain from Embracing, was designed to encourage the military wife as she supports and serves her family. The book was written to help encourage and inspire the mil spouse to find purpose alongside of his/her military service member. When your spouse gets orders to serve, you also have invisible orders. There is a purpose for the military spouse, especially during deployments, and you have been positioned for the mission. During the season of deployments, you find an inner strength that was on hold until you needed it. You discover your identity, the person God created you to be, and you are not alone. You begin to understand that you have a destiny, and you also have an assignment alongside your husband’s assignment to his country.

Wherever my husband was assigned, there was an assignment for my life, as I discovered and embraced the limitless possibilities. I have discovered the military lifestyle is amazing; one I would do all over again. Every sacrifice, every deployment was worth it. When you believe in something and someone other than yourself, you appreciate life even more. Loving, serving, supporting and protecting our service members puts us in a position where we are noticed and recognized by God and rewarded by Him. I believe if you find your faith you will find your inner strengths, if you discover your inner strength you have found your purpose which will lead to your destiny. I salute you for loving, serving and supporting your mate, at a time when you really need the support. I would like to encourage you. Embrace the warrior within, and be the best spouse you can be.

-Beverly M. Anderson

Bio of Beverly M. Anderson

Since 1990, Beverly Anderson has been ministering to military spouses. Her vision is to help every military spouse find their purpose alongside their husband. Beverly has developed a 12 month training course teaching military spouses how to be successful during deployments. Beverly is a 1997 graduate of Calvary Cathedral International Bible School in FT. Worth, Texas. She has been married to husband Maurice for 26 years.