Army Staff Sgt’s Career Inspires Spouse to Join

By Military Connection Staff Writer Terrie Lake.

Christy and Joshua Garlick, a military married couple, are living their dream. They both have careers in the Army, two children, six-year-old Camden and four-year-old Keegan, and a “Gung Ho” attitude that makes their marriage work.

Army Private First Class Christy Garlick is a Health Specialist, assigned to Headquarters Company with the Army Medical Department Activity. In February, Pfc Christy was selected as MEDDAC soldier of the month.

Army Staff Sergeant Joshua Garlick is a Military Policeman, appointed to the Elizabethtown Recruiting Center. Joshua explains, “It was something I always wanted to do, both being in the Army and being an M.P.” He occasionally uses his wife’s military service and her experiences as an inducement to applicants and potential soldiers.

Christy says she wasn’t cognizant of the Army, nor the Army lifestyle, until she met Joshua through a co-worker. They married seven years ago. Then, after the birth of Camden, Christy took a year off work to be a stay-at-home mom. At age 34, she contemplated joining the Army. The time factor became crucial, as the Army has an age limit on inductees.

She told Joshua, “I want to join the Army, and I want to be like you.” Joshua, along with Christy’s mother, were reluctant at first. The duo sought counsel from family members, and Joshua’s unit leadership, who all showed support. They discussed their options, with Joshua eventually giving his full support.

Christy said, “Once you get in the Army life, it’s amazing. The camaraderie and the family atmosphere make up for your far away family. I love the structure of the Army.”

Joshua pointed out that there are a number of elements that contribute to making his Army experience great. “I have met friends, had awesome leadership throughout my [11-year] career, and have seen things I never thought I would.”

The Garlicks were stationed in Germany, Fort Lee, Virginia, as well as Fort Drum, New York. The couple both plan to make the Army a career.

Christy is exuberant about her career choice, and said, “I’m so excited I did this. I feel like this is the second half of my life, and I’m living it with true happiness. I’m finally getting everything I want.”