Rebooting the Veteran Mind

Military veterans are a unique group of people who were trained to think and act a certain way. These exceptional men and women are indoctrinated in boot camp to the military way of life and way of thinking. Some only spend a few years serving their country, and others make it a career. But the one thing they have in common is the military mindset that makes them successful and able to conform to military life.

They spend about eight weeks learning how to be a Sailor, Soldier, Airmen and Marine, but there is very little time invested into helping them turn back into the civilians they once were.

REBOOT Workshops are run by National Veterans Transition Services Inc. (NVTSI), a non-profit that was started by retired Navy Rear Admiral Ronne Froman, who serves as CEO, and retired Navy Master Chief Maurice Wilson, NVTSI who serves as President and Executive Director. The two career service members recognized a need for something that would help veterans successfully transition from military to civilian life.

Three years and more than 1,000 veterans and transitioning service members later, REBOOT Workshops has grown to support workshops on both the East and West Coasts. They have worked diligently over the years to perfect a program that not only helps change the way veterans and transitioning service members think, but also helps them use valuable resources like networking and training that focuses on the necessary skills needed when seeking employment.

According to Maurice Wilson, “When someone joins the military, they are given eight weeks or more of training to help them assimilate into the way the military does business but when they leave. There are not enough services in place to help them transition out of the military.” Wilson continued, “A lot of veterans feel lost without the structure and discipline they’ve relied on during their time in service.”

REBOOT Workshops steps in where the military leaves off by providing three weeks of transition training, focused on helping veterans rely on themselves to develop a plan for their futures, and see all the possibilities available to them, all the while learning the tricks of the trade for employment success.

“REBOOT has given me a bridge of confidence to transition to the civilian world” said Jose Setien, U.S. Marine Corps. “Prior to that, I did not quite have that because I had been in the military for so long, that you don’t know how things are going to be once you step out of the military.”

NVTSI is a non-profit organization supported solely by donations, sponsorships and business partnerships. With an ever-growing population of veterans, the need for more REBOOT Workshops is growing too.

On average, there are 24 students in each workshop, with about one workshop per month. Locations include San Diego, CA, Orange County, CA, and Norfolk, VA, with plans to expand to other areas. The workshop costs $2,500 per veteran and each seat is paid for by support from individuals, small business and large companies.

If you’d like more information on NVTSI and REBOOT Workshops, or to sponsor a veteran through a donation, please visit

-Krishna M. Jackson