Dogs on Deployment

A dual-military husband and wife simultaneously received orders; the husband was to be deployed while the wife was to attend military training at Quantico, Va. Because of the sudden geographical separation and military commitments, neither spouse was able to keep and care for their beloved dog. After searching every available option, they eventually met a family that was willing to offer their dog a home until the couple’s orders were finished. This real life scenario is what prompted the founders to establish Dogs on Deployment (DoD), and inspired them to create an organization that would help other military members in similar situations.

Dogs on Deployment is a service member-run 501(c)3 non-profit founded in June, 2011. DoD provides an online resource for deploying military members to search for volunteers who are willing to board pets while service men and women are away due to deployment, military travel, medical treatment or severe family crisis. Many military members are forced to relinquish their pets because of deployments and the scarcity of boarding options. DoD aims to eliminate this by providing help. Since their launch in June 2011, DoD has helped place nearly one-hundred pets in DoD Boarder homes, and has recruited nearly one-thousand volunteer boarders across the United States. DoD operates nationwide and is open for use by all military members during deployments and training exercises.

Dogs on Deployment goes beyond providing a boarding network. Known as the DoD Vendor Program, the military-pet community will be promoted by building a database of pet-related businesses that support the military and DoD through discount and incentive programs for registered DoD Boarders and Pet Owners to benefit from. They are also teaming up with other non-profits, rescue and foster groups across the nation to build a stronger military assistance network. With the help of donations, DoD provides subsidized pet care options for military Pet Owners with financial need; helping get pets altered, vaccinated and micro chipped prior to deployments. Lastly, DoD works increase the rights of active duty pet-owners by petitioning for programs to promote pet care and responsibility to higher level military commands, including organizing a national petition to standardize military pet policies across base housing. (

Dogs on Deployment relies on public support to achieve continued success. If you have the time, space and commitment to board a military member’s pet while they’re deployed, please visit our website to register as a DoD Boarder. If you cannot board but still want to help, we humbly accept donations, which can be made on our website. If you are a business, please consider joining our DoD Vendor Program or becoming a 2012 DoD Sponsor today! Help DoD reach out to military members in need and potential boarders by giving your support.

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