Coastal Carolina Adaptive Sports & Recreation

A link to life

By Michael Warner

Being involved in sports and recreational activities offers people so much more than just physical benefits. Improved fitness is an automatic benefit, but additional benefits include increased confidence, a sense of accomplishment, socialization with others and greater independence in life. For people with physical or visual impairments, these benefits can be even far greater, especially for those people who have had their lives altered due to an injury or illness, and now they are dealing with a “new normal”.

Coastal Carolina Adaptive Sports & Recreation (CCASR), also known as Paralympic Sports Club Coastal Carolina, is a community-based organization formed in February, 2012. This group has the vision of helping people use sports and recreation to enhance their lives with all of these benefits in mind. By doing so, we believe it might just open doors of opportunity for people that they never thought of.

Located in North Myrtle Beach, it is our intent to serve Horry County and assist anyone living with a visual or physical disability. Ultimately, we hope to turn setbacks into very rewarding comebacks by providing all-inclusive family fun sports programs. Some of the programs offered are: tennis, basketball, archery, golf, surfing, bocce and bowling. With the help and resources from our collaborating partners, The US Paralympics, North Myrtle Beach Parks and Recreation, Horry County Parks and Recreation, and the North Myrtle Beach Aquatic Center, we are perfectly positioned to be a positive influence in the community, and serve our veterans as they return from defending our freedoms. We have the ability to offer experiences in various sports for purely recreational purposes, or for those wish, the option to compete at a highly competitive level.

We are very excited to have been introduced to One of our primary focuses at this time is ensuring those in our community are familiar with our program and have an understanding of what we have to offer. We hope with the support and resources of partners such as Military Connection, we will better serve our community, and the proud men and woman of the armed forces.

For additional information, you can find us on Facebook and on our web site at