Insight Care and Connection

In 1999, Matthew and Corie Weathers dreamed of inspiring marriages before even being a couple themselves. Matthew, a current US Army Chaplain and counselor, and Corie a licensed professional counselor and consultant, found their sweet spot working together counseling, teaching marriage retreats, and making difficult topics simple. They integrated their personal story with a ministry-based counseling background, up-to-date training on personality assessment, and strength finding to create a unique style to serve struggling families. After leading more than 25 marriage retreats, single soldier, and spouses of deployed soldiers, the biggest question from couples was “What can we do after the retreat?”

Out of that came (Insight Care and Connection), a website devoted to encouraging individuals across the globe by providing more material, honesty, and hope than could ever be offered in a single weekend. “Insight” stuck as an appropriate name for what it took to encourage a healthy marriage: insight into ourselves and into the other person and a mutual respect for one another that fosters oneness and hope. Through the site, Matthew connects with soldiers in a real and vulnerable way in his blog “Persevere”, as well as other articles on leadership development, deployment, and reintegrating into family life. Corie offers the same for spouses in her blog “Thrive”, and “Separated but Together”; real, honest answers on being a military spouse and mother.

During their first deployment in 2009, Matthew walked his soldiers through the healing process of losing many fellow soldiers, including “The Battle of COP Keating”, the second most tragic and heroic mass casualty battle during Operation Enduring Freedom. After 12 hours of intense close combat fighting, 8 heroes were killed in action and eventually the surviving soldiers were awarded a total of one Medal of Honor, 9 Silver Stars, 18 Bronze Stars with Valor, 27 Purple Hearts, and 37 Army Commendation Medals with Valor. CNN news correspondent, Jake Tapper documented this battle and the aftermath in a bestseller, The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor. This led Matthew and Corie to initiate outreach to families struggling with PTSD, Combat Stress, and grief through Insightc2. Matthew offers words of hope to soldiers who are struggling with loss while Corie addresses the grief of Gold Star Families, training up strong and effective Care Teams and Go Teams, and featuring real stories from those who have been through loss and now inspire others.

During his second deployment, the couple wrote a Marriage Study called ENLIVEN as a means to stay connected and encourage marriages around them. Written for any stage of marriage, civilian or military, ENLIVEN is now offered for free on the Insightc2 website and is designed to re-balance, re-focus, and re-awaken marriages even if the couple is separated by deployment.

Matthew and Corie have devoted themselves to education, on-going training, to each other and ultimately to God to understand the obstacles that prevent greatness. They bring a real, honest, compassionate perspective to understanding yourself, how you fit into the world, and those around you. They believe that awareness of your strengths and gifts will translate into a better marriage, a stronger passion for what you do, and ultimately a better connection with God and His purpose in your life.

Insightc2 is not a business, not self-promoting, and not about numbers. It is a place where you feel connected, understood, and supported. More than anything, it is about real people, real issues, and more importantly, real answers.