Helping Military Families to Reconnect With Their Extended Families and Friends

A decade of war and an entire generation of combat veterans later, we’re at a time where we need each other more than ever. No matter how strong a military member and his or her family think they are, military families need support. And what type of support is more valuable, is more encouraging than the support from their own non-military friends and extended families?

Due to the very small share of Americans currently serving in the Armed Forces, however, emotional support has gradually dwindled and been forgotten about as so few have a family member within the military. This, in turn, has led to a growing gap between people in uniform and the civilian population.

Support benefits greatly from knowledge and understanding. In an attempt to foster and promote such understanding among those whom military families love and care for most, the author Yvonne Jones wrote the book “Closing the Gap: Understanding Your Service(wo)man.

The subject of the book is the disconnect between military families and their civilian families and friends, and focuses on explaining and describing the lifestyle of the entire military family, including Service Members of all branches, their Spouses, and their Children. It is meant to make a positive difference by giving people within the civilian world the information they need to understand the experiences of and reconnect with military families.

Military Families love their non-military family members and friends. They want them to be part of their lives. As such, they want them to understand their way of life.

Military Families give a lot for this Country and its citizens; in return, let’s encourage everyone to spend some time learning about a Military Family’s way of life. This book is for them, for you, for everyone. …Because we all ought to know more about those who protect our freedoms and rights. Stay close to your military families, for they truly need you.

-Yvonne Jones

Bio of Yvonne Jones

Yvonne Jones is a military spouse of 13 years and counting. After years of direct contact, experience and research in the field at hand, she knows the ins and outs of the issues covered in Closing The Gap: Understanding Your Service(wo)man, a book that is meant to reconnect Military Families with their non-military friends and family members by helping civilians learn more about the life within the Military.

Yvonne wants to thank her fellow Military Families and all those that so lovingly support them. This book is dedicated to you!

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