Heavy Metal Certification Program Launched

The National Association of Heavy Equipment Services (NAHETS) has just adopted a new national certification program. This new program measures knowledge and skills for the operation of heavy construction equipment such as bulldozers, graders, front loaders, excavators and backhoes. This program is highly viable for military veterans seeking careers in heavy construction equipment.

“Safe and effective heavy equipment operators are desperately needed in the growing construction and mining industries,” said Robert Albano, chief operating officer of NAHETS. “We created this outcome-based certification procedure, the adaptable equipment proficiency test (ADEPT), to effectively evaluate an operator’s skill level to meet and exceed industry and regulatory standards.”

The ADEPT testing program is now being implemented in three heavy equipment training schools located across the country. It is being implemented at the Colleges of Construction in Northern California, Oklahoma City and Atlanta, Georgia. “Each of these schools offer three-week courses of construction in heavy equipment operations that, when successfully completed, earn students the appropriate certification that verifies construction capability,” said Albano.

“We developed this certification to fill a void in the industry,” said Albano. “A skilled worker with third-party certification is a valuable asset to contractors and employers because it verifies safety, skill and knowledge.”

For military veterans, certification from an approved heavy equipment training center can be the start of a rewarding civilian career in the construction industry. Certifications can make the difference in obtaining excellent veteran civilian jobs in these trades. Military veterans can learn more about this program at www.nahets.org