Military Vacations & Veteran Vacations

Military LEAVE is an entitlement that military personnel have earned. Military Leave is paid vacation. Military travel and veteran travel is needed recreation and relaxation. Military vacations and veteran vacations are family oriented.

Veteran vacation discounts and military vacations discounts are and can help make family vacations more affordable for those in uniform. Military leave includes 30 days of R&R or rest and relaxation. So there is plenty of time for a cruise for military or a cruise for veterans. Cruises for military and cruises for veterans along with their families are popular and many are offered significant discounts with some cruise lines. Discounts are also offered to military and veterans on hotels and condo rentals at popular resorts. We at, work with the top companies that offer the very best discounts.

Discounts are also available for “government employee travel and military personnel travel, including retirees and offer government employee travel discounts on condominium rentals, cruises, car rental, hotel reservations, golf discounts and vacation packages”. Government employee travel discounts on timeshare resorts and vacation villas are also available but mostly in the off-season. Many auto rental companies offer discounts for veteran travel, military travel and government employee travel vacations. These vacation discounts are also offered to military and veterans on a regular basis.

Veteran vacations and military vacations go hand in hand with veteran vacation discounts and military vacation discounts. Discounts are also available for certain government employee travel as well. Imagine going to a wonderful resort and staying in a beautiful condo there that offers all types of amenities. Military families and Veteran families can save on meals too by preparing them.

Military vacations and veteran vacations are critical for military families. Vacation rentals for veterans and vacation rentals for military families is a way of relaxing in a beautiful home by the beach or at one of the beautiful areas in our country or abroad. A cruise offering military and veterans discounts is also a wonderful way to relax and unwind with loved ones. works with both Government Vacation Rewards and Armed Forces Vacation Club to provide these significant discounts on travel for military and travel for veterans. We understand well the many sacrifices made by those who serve and want them to be able to enjoy themselves and obtain discounts from reputable organizations. This is a great benefit for military vacations, vacations for veterans and military vacation discounts and veteran vacation discounts.

-Carol Miraula