Healthcare Jobs for Veterans

Healthcare jobs for veterans are quickly growing in popularity because the profession maintains the high-stress and emergency-geared lifestyle that many veterans have a hard time letting go of after active duty. Unlike many civilians who have a hard time adjusting to the long hours, thinking under pressure and constant crises, military veterans have lived in constant threat, treated patients while under enemy fire and been short on medical supplies. Veteran healthcare providers are already prepared for a civilian healthcare profession. Healthcare officials recognize the value of veterans in healthcare jobs. Once retired from active duty, veterans should easily find and maintain a career in the healthcare field.

There is a wide range of options for veteran healthcare jobs. Military Medicine has become leading edge and many military physicians choose to open private practices, work in hospitals, single-standing offices, rehabilitation centers or nursing homes. Due to their experience working with military personnel, healthcare veterans may also choose to work at a VA or army hospital. Nursing for Veterans in another area that is popular and military nurses are outstanding. Wherever you choose to work, healthcare jobs for veterans will be in high demand. Currently, veteran healthcare givers provide valuable services as doctors, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, medical assistants, medical technologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, radiology techs, pharmacists, mental health professionals, researchers, counselors, etc. Although additional training is rarely required, healthcare for veterans seeking to further their medical skills can opt for skills training before starting their career.

Transition to Civilian Healthcare

Unlike many veterans who struggle to adjust to civilian life, those that choose healthcare professions as veterans drastically improve their adjustment rates. Veteran officers who have gone on to the civilian medical field have noted that the pace and jargon give a sense of still being in the military. Your skills as a healthcare provider are invaluable and will land you a job even in the current economy. As a veteran, this is the best solution: something that will keep your skills sharp and your mind and hands busy in a demanding career path. Healthcare jobs for veterans provide you with a career where you are given the respect and value that you deserve. In the civilian healthcare field, you, as a veteran, will be given the opportunity to help people, just as you have in your military career. As a healthcare veteran you can provide the necessary skills and presence of mind that people need all over the county and in a variety of settings. Whatever your particular interest, a veteran healthcare job for a veteran just like you is out there waiting.

-Taylor James