Ever hear about someone in need and wish there was something you could do? Would you like to spend time helping others without worrying about earning money to pay living expenses? Consider working as a full time volunteer with Friend Ships, serving as part of a team dedicating their time to providing aid and encouragement to others.  Utilize disciple, training and motivational skills gained in the military to help people in need and prepare others to do the same.

Friend Ships, an all-volunteer, international disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization is dedicated to fulfilling the Biblical scriptures that teach us to help people in times of need. The organization works through the collection and distribution of food, clothing and building materials and by providing medical services, training and disaster relief to people in desperate circumstances because of natural disaster or war. Programs give help to children, families and impoverished individuals, refugees or victims of disaster and to the institutions who assist them. For thirty years, Friend Ships has provided for the needs of people in the U.S. and in Central America, the Caribbean, Africa, Europe, the former Soviet Union and the Middle East.

A nonprofit corporation in operation since 1983, Friend Ships owns and utilizes ships, aircraft and trucks to carry out its mission’s aid and offers a 1-2 year program preparing young adults for a lifetime of service.  Conducted in a military-style atmosphere, students learn principals of a disciplined life and caring for others.  Through challenging physical fitness, Bible study, prayer, work skills, character and ethics training and regular outreaches to the community, they experience a period of growth they will never forget!

Positions are available as Sea Hawk trainers and as engineers, mechanics, maritime bridge officers, welders, builders, food service personnel, truck drivers, warehousing and more.  Working with Friend Ships is a good next step for former military personnel because the organization and the military have so much in common including many similar skills and abilities, providing valuable services and being able to function effectively in a structured, communal and sometimes challenging environment.  Although there is no pay, the benefits are tremendous. Spend your days working in a spiritually uplifting environment with a group of like-minded people, enjoying the opportunity to honor God by serving others.

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