Deployment & Reintegration

Pets in the Military and PCS Moves

How can you have a pet in the military if you have to PCS? Here are five resources help make…

2 years ago

Understanding Reverse Culture Shock

Managing reverse culture shock starts with understanding it’s causes and knowing what to expect.

3 years ago

Helping Children of Deployed Military Service Members: 11 Ideas for Maintaining Connection During Deployment

A key to helping children of deployed parents navigate the inevitable range of emotions they will experience is to ensure they…

3 years ago

Coping with Military Deployment – Tips for Helping Children Before Deployment

he reality of a loved one’s deployment? Often the family members at home feel the absence of their service member…

4 years ago

Reintegrating after Deployment

While returning from deployment is often a time of celebration and reconnection with family and friends it can also be…

4 years ago

New Year’s Resolutions for Transition

New Year's Resolutions for Transition Contributed by Alan Rohlfing   Yes, that annual tradition of setting New Year’s resolutions is…

5 years ago

The Holidays and Military Service

The Holidays and Military Service Contributed by Alan Rohlfing   As I write this piece for our blog, I feel…

5 years ago

What’s the Best Job ‘Fit’ After Military Service?

What’s the Best Job ‘Fit’ After Military Service? Contributed by Alan Rohlfing   You don’t have to be in transition…

5 years ago

Setting Yourself Up For Success As Your Military Duty Comes To An Ultimate End

There are many active service military members that cannot wait until they complete their military service to go back to civilian…

5 years ago