Skilled Veterans Will Meet Labor Needs in the 21st Century

Today’s job market demands increasingly sophisticated and technological skills – skills that are well suited for those leaving military service. American veterans are superbly qualified and capable of meeting the needs of the current and future civilian labor force. Today’s defense occupations are diverse and numerous: senior management, executives, civil engineers, medical specialists, auditors, caseworkers, nuclear engineers, food service managers, mechanics, heavy equipment operators, qualified and skilled people in information technology and telecommunications, to name a few. 

Most positions correspond closely to private sector occupations. It is true that a few military specialties have no direct application. However, the training and discipline required to master those specialties clearly demonstrate the potential to learn and master other skills required in the private sector. Look at it from an employer’s point of view:

  • Today’s Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsman are the highest quality military personnel in our nation’s history.
  • The men and women serving the Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Homeland Security are competent, positive, selfless, and oriented toward mission accomplishment.
  • They perform skillfully using today’s sophisticated military equipment: computers, electronics, avionics, etc.
  • They demonstrate their ability to learn sophisticated skills on short notice. 

Look at yourself. You have several things going for you. You are well trained, healthy, disciplined, and team oriented. What employer wouldn’t want an employee like you?

Check out the “21 st Century Workforce Initiative” sponsored by the Department of Labor at

Military Professionals have a work ethic second to none. They are disciplined and hard working. Today’s employers realize their values and are actively recruiting transitioning military and veterans. The military is the largest user of technology worldwide. You can find a variety of job opportunities on Some of our areas of focus include: healthcare, high tech, transportation, defense, security and more. You will find all types of resources on our site that are provided free to users. They include our Virtual Job Fair, Job Board, Job Tips, Directory of Employers, Real Time Job Fairs. There is something for everyone including interviewing questions too. When the next tour is back home, it’s on – The Go To Site.