Military Experience and Training Help You Win That Job

Verification of your military experience and training is useful in preparing your resume and establishing your capabilities with prospective employers. Verification is also helpful if you are applying to a college or vocational institution. These institutions want information on your military training and experience, as well as how this might relate to the civilian world. 

As a Service member, you have had numerous training and job experiences, perhaps too many to recall easily and include on a job or college application. Fortunately, the military has made your life a little easier in this regard. The DD Form 2586, “Verification of Military Experience and Training,” is created from your automated records on file. It lists your military job experience and training history, recommended college credit information, and civilian equivalent job titles. This document is designed to help you, but it is not a resume!

To Obtain Your Verification of Military Experience and Training Document

To get your verification document, go to the VMET website at All separating military personnel can electronically download and print their VMET document and personal cover letter from your military service from the VMET website. Simply click the “Request Document” and “Request Cover Letter,” tabs and print each of these documents after their downloaded. 

You can get your verification document online as long as you have a current DoD Common Access Card (CAC) or have a current DFAS myPay PIN; however, you should retrieve it within 120 days prior to your separation. If you have problems getting your VMET and need assistance, check with your local Transition Counselor.

Once You Receive Your Verification Document

Identify the items that relate to the type of work or education you are pursuing and include them in your resume. If there are problems with information listed on the form, follow the guidance indicated below for your respective service:

  • Army: Review and follow the guidance provided by the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) listed on the VMET website at
  • Air Force: Follow the instructions in the verification document cover letter or contact your Transition Counselor.
  • Navy: Contact your Command Career Counselor or review and follow the guidance provided by the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) listed on the VMET On-line Website.
  • Marine Corps: Follow the instructions in the verification document cover letter. If you need further assistance, contact your administrative office.

Date Last Reviewed: June 29, 2009

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