Colleges, Universities Gear Focus to Vets as GI Bill Increases Attendance

As the GI Bill increases its coverage of college tuition and expenses, more and more veteran students are finding it possible to attend institutions of higher learning. In response to the influx of veterans, colleges are finding it necessary to take action to make the transition into college easiest for veteran students. From offering veteran-only classes to providing additional counselors, schools are doing all they can to better serve their student veterans.

For many veterans, going back to school can be a nerve-wracking experience. From embarrassing moments of PTSD caused by large crowds or loud noises to the curiosity of other students, merging into a normal life of schooling is difficult for these students. Many veterans receive prying questions from classmates that make them feel uncomfortable while others simply feel ostracized from their peers due to lack of common interests or similarities. Much of these gaps are caused because veterans lived a very different life from any of their student peers and find their lives incomparable.

By offering veteran-only classes, veteran students have a place where they can feel relaxed and open, supporting one another in an environment that won’t make them feel uncomfortable. They can be free to discuss their thoughts and feelings, whether related to education or their personal lives. Many schools have adopted these practices to better help their student veterans assimilate to college life, ultimately increasing the value and effectiveness of their educational careers.

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