Finding a Better Way by Beth Steinke

find•ing/’findiNG/ (from Google)
Noun:    1) The action of finding someone or something: “the finding of numerous dead rats”.
         2) A conclusion reached as a result of an inquiry, investigation, or trial.

You know those online profiles you are compelled to fill out for nearly every social media site you enjoy?  They all ask the same question – “What are your hobbies?”  I never really had a clever or crafty answer so I always responded the same way… “Learning the hard way.”  That is the story of my life and probably in some ways yours too.  It seems that no matter how many fantastic people we surround ourselves with, we still have to find our own way.  This is especially true for Military spouses.  Our friends and family try hard to understand and offer support, but they can only help so much.  We are required to be great partners to our spouses and patient parents to our children.  We have so many demands on us that it is easy to make a mistake – sometimes even major ones.  We must be counselor and teacher, manager and employee, breadwinner and bread baker, chief financial officer and purchasing professional (read: shopping genius).  Don’t forget chef, housekeeper, driver, problem solver as well as problem creator.  There is nothing we can’t do and there is nothing we couldn’t do just a little bit better. That’s what Finding a Better Way is all about.

My latest stretch for a better way has flits between eating healthier, personal growth, speaking with kindness, listening more intently, spending less, saving more and so many other areas I need growth, I couldn’t possibly list them all here.  What is it that you are working on in life?  You may have that “fun” project that is badgering you, constantly calling your name from wherever you left it last.  It says things to you like “Hey you there, I’m not finished and you haven’t even thought about me in weeks.”  OR, do you awaken suddenly in the middle of the night in a terror stricken panic thinking “Did I pay the insurance bill that was due last week?”  You stumble over to the computer in the dark only to realize that you actually did pay it – all the while scolding yourself for not being more organized.  We all do those things!  But we need to find a better way.  So, are you in?  I sure hope so.  This military spouse team needs you!

So, here is our assignment – starting right now, pick one thing, whatever that thing might be for you.  Then together, in one unified deep breath, let’s shift that one thing ever so slightly toward better.  Let me know how you did and I’ll share how I did with my goal.  Though perfection is a long way off for most of us, it turns out we’re here for the long haul, together!

Money, time, bad habits, focus, attitude – what is your challenge?  I want to hear from you.  Email Beth at [email protected]

Bio of Beth Steinke

Beth is a proud, active duty Navy wife who has faced head on the peaks and valleys of a military life.  She knows all too well the struggles of deployment, the thrill of homecomings and the uncertainty of next year.  Together, she and her husband, Roger have raised 3 boys.  The oldest has been in the Navy for 6 years and the youngest son attends college at California State University, San Marcos.  The middle son is still searching for his passion in life.  For many years, Beth worked on behalf of military families with Operation Homefront, a non-profit supporting military families struggling with the challenges of deployment and pain of injury recovery.  At their current duty station in San Diego, CA, Beth works for a business coaching and training company as part of their corporate development team.