One time I was sitting in a leadership seminar and the Commander teaching the course looked directly at me. “You have the same 24 hours in day as me- What are you doing with your time?”

I thought about what he said. I thought about how I was actually thinking if Batman paired up with Superman and Wonder Woman with their 70s technology who could they defeat in present day? Will Smith in Independence Day? The Bourne Guys? Tom Cruise in MI 1 maybe but definitely not 3. What a colossal waste of my brain that discussion was regarding super heroes. But I was smart enough not to answer the question truthfully.

I did take away the 24 hour rule. I thought about how many times my USMC buddy would run behind me when we would train yelling “C’mon Beck! We’re burning daylight, Girl move!!!” I would run faster but it didn’t hit me until recently that I have a choice in how I spend my day. I really never thought that being a full time working single mom with two active elementary school age kids. It was always do, do, do…go, go, go…but where was I going? And I mean personally, not to the grocery store to collect the endless gallons of milk that seem to stream through my children.

I look back at all that I have accomplished. I’ve written books. I’ve hosted a radio show for three years. I have built charities from the ground up. I have raised my boys to grow into great leaders of men and women. But at the end of the day, if you ask me what I have gotten the most satisfaction from it’s an easy answer. I get a true heartfelt joy from serving my country in my own way with my own skills. In serving my country I am serving my family, my friends and the country I love.

Did I fight in a war? Nope. I am a flag waving civilian? Yes. Do I make a difference…? Absolutely! You see I wrote this article because I have a great friend who was bounced out of the Army on a MEPS error. Because he’s not behind the barrel of a gun, or in uniform or pounding the ground he doesn’t think he can serve his country.

I am here to state clearly that there are many ways to serve and not one is better than another in the hearts of men and women – it’s the difference we make at the end of the day. Today I ask you – you’re burning daylight…you have the same 24 hours as me….what are you doing with your time?

-Sandra Beck