Southern Comfort

Well, hello there!  Thanks to the loss of a job, an injury to yours truly, and a complete household move to another state, it has been awhile…I’ve missed you! Dear Husband and I are back on our feet, and want to offer our thanks to the lovely, warm and welcoming people of the Volunteer State – Tennessee! We love it here! Also, while on that subject, I’d like to personally welcome you to the new Pixie-Palace of Palate-Pleasing Pulchritude!

That’s right – I’ve got an Island the size of an aircraft carrier up in here!  Sorry for the dark photo…you will see it more, trust me. We love it, it’s great for spreading out and doing those major baking or cooking projects.  Anyway, life can be cruel. Certain situations can make you feel very, very lonely. When I’m having one of my Pixie Pity-Parties (it’s official name!) and feeling a little down, I need comfort. One of my personal favorite comfort foods is….the classic steak house supper. Recently one day, I went on the usual hunt in the new fridge/freezer and Pixie-pantry, and found the following…

Clockwise from bottom left; frozen spinach (defrosted), a small rib eye steak, my mortar & pestle (with black peppercorns in it),  some leftover German potato salad, olive oil, in the measuring cup, two cubes of home made beef stock, a green onion, clove of garlic, then some salt and a little butter and cream. That, my friends, is all you need to create this steak house classic. Oh! I forgot!

A shot of some high-quality whiskey, to finish our sauce. First, let’s get our classic, creamed spinach going. Chop your scallion and garlic finely…

Sautee’ on low in about 2 Tablespoons of the olive oil….

When the scallion and garlic are tender, about ten minutes, add in your spinach, which you have of course, squeezed all the water out of…you did, didn’t you?  Thought so…

Cook this on medium low for about five minutes, it will start getting all tender and garlic-y. Then, add in two tablespoons each of butter and cream, salt and pepper to taste.

Stir to combine the cream and butter into the spinach and voila! You have creamed spinach. At this point I put the spinach (along with the potato salad) into an oven at 210 degrees to keep warm.

Now, take your mortar and pestle (or plastic zip bag and a meat mallet), and smash those peppercorns into a nice coarse grind…like this…

Then, press the peppercorns, and a little kosher salt into both sides of your steak.

Now, sear the steak in a little hot olive oil…this one is thin, so I only cooked it for about two and a half minutes on each side. Here it is, after the flip..

Now, place the steak on a cutting board to rest, and immediately throw in your shot of whiskey, and reduce it by keeping it bubbling hot

Now, once you have reduced it by half ~ which should take about three minutes, by the way, add in your beef stock and reduce again…

Now, simply plate it all up, pour the sauce over the top, and go to town!  My results?

Oh my….comforting, indeed. “But Pixie”, you say “I can’t tell how the steak came out”. Have no doubts, my friend…it was perfectly medium-rare….see?

It was at this point, that I convinced myself that there was no way I was eating this whole thing….

Um. well, I’ve been wrong before. It was just so…darn…good! You can make this classic steak house supper in less than a half an hour, by the way…and for waaaaaay less than the aforementioned steak house is going to charge you!

Well, welcome back to Pixie-Land, stay tuned for more great dishes, a visit to the brand-new Productive Pixie-Patch (aka, the garden), and….the newly released (from the moving box) Kitchen Angels! Eat well, my friends…

Love and kindness to all,


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