As the host of a popular radio show, I am often asked about issues pertaining to the military family. And for the purposes of this blog series, I would like educate the public and honor the military family, showing them in the exceptional light that I see, often missed by most of the civilian population.

When you take a closer look at the military family, you see that, in many ways, resiliency is a way of life. Resiliency, defined as the ability to bounce back from change, adversity and disappointment is the epitome of the career military family. Not enough attention is paid to this amazing characteristic that is honed by PCS moves, working through government red tape and following, as a family, the orders set down by military protocol.

When you stop to think about a married soldier on deployment, it’s hard not to think of the family he or she left behind to do their duty. Our unsung heroes, the spouse and children, are left to carry on, to manage disappointment, fear, loss, loneliness and change. They do that day in and day out.

Children learn to live without one parent for months and months. They move from place to place, making new friends, creating new lives, all during the business of growing up. Our military spouses take on new roles as single parents – except that there is no seeking out a new mate to pair up with to ease the burden. There are lonely, frightening nights and long, task filled days.

And herein lies the quiet resiliency. Day after day, the military family shows up. They respond, they regroup, they rework the family system, and they keep going. This, to me, is resiliency. So yes, when people ask me about the military family, I cite them as the classic case of resiliency. They are beautiful, shining examples of resilient living. I am always amazed at the clever solutions, the brilliant brainstorms and the superior attitudes of our military moms and dads, braving the home front and keeping the home fires burning until their loved one returns home.

So when asked, “Is a military family is resilient?” I have only one answer: you bet your boots!

-Sandra Beck