Military Spouses


70s Law Costs 61,000 Military Widows Thousands of Dollars in Survivor Benefits As many as 61,000 military widows whose husbands died of causes relating to their military service lose out on thousands of dollars a year in survivor benefits because of a law that dates from the 1970s. Widows and retirees have spent decades trying to persuade Congress to change the law, which hits hardest at the widows of lower-ranking service members and is referred to by many critics as the widow’™s tax.
Defense Finance & Accounting Service (description coming soon)
Financial Assistance on Operation HomeFront The purpose of the financial assistance program is to provide monetary assistance with issues that may have devastating effects on the family budget.
Military Money (description coming soon)
The Benefits of Outsourcing It is January again, but this year is different. This year I am not spending hours entering receipts onto a spreadsheet. Yes, I have a few to insert, but not the seemingly hundreds of bits and pieces of paper I have had every January since I started freelancing in the mid-90’™s. What’™s different this year? The difference is Norma.
US Mint Hip Pocket Change Program (description coming soon)