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2008 U.S. Military Retired Handbook FREE Military Handbooks for Active and Retired U.S. Military Personnel
A pre-deployment checklist for military families With so much going on before a military deployment-the preparation, the training, the loving goodbyes- it is easy to see how seemingly and separately “small” details that go with deployment may slip through the cracks. Whether administrative, legal or financial, there are a number of tasks families need to complete before the deployment date.
Army Guide For Families of Fallen Soldiers The Army takes seriously its obligation to honor our fallen Soldiers and support their families during this time of grief and sorrow. The days and weeks ahead will no doubt be difficult, and while we cannot lessen your loss, we can assist you by making sure that all of the many details that surround a death in the family are taken care of in an orderly fashion. This Guide provides an overview of the rights, benefits, privileges, and entitlements that may be available as well as the process involved in exercising them.
New Benefits Handbook Updates for Veterans & Dependents This handbook contains information such as VA Health Care, Education and Training, VA Pensions, Home Loan Guaranty, etc.
Spouses Guide to the Air Force – FAQ Here you will find frequently asked questions (FAQ) being an Air Force spouse.
Soldier Family Deployment Survival Handbook
Spiritual Care PTSD Handbook (PDF) The Handbook on Best Practices for the Provision of Spiritual Care to Persons with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury
Closing The Gap: Understanding Your Service(wo)man A smaller share of Americans currently serve in the Armed Forces than at any other given point in time since World War II. This, in turn, has led to a growing gap between people in uniform and the civilian population. In an attempt to close this gap, author Yvonne Jones wrote a book a book meant to promote understanding.