David’s 9/11 Memory

I was at my parent’s house in Ohio watching the news on television with my mother when I saw on the news what at first looked like an “accident” of a plane hitting the first tower. I then actually watch the second plane hit the second tower live on the news and I immediately perceived that it was not an “accident”. I knew that there were people who did not like the United States, but why this? It was hard to add up what was going on.


Laura’s 9/11 Memory

I arrived at RadioShack Corporation at 8:15a to welcome the three financial analysts and to facilitate their meetings with our CFO, CEO and President. Their meetings started at 8:00a with the President of RadioShack, so when news came of the first airplane hitting the towers, we were curious. When the second plane hit minutes later, someone in New York contacted the analysts and warned them to reserve a rental car back to New York, which was immediately arranged. I checked with their office in NYC to make sure there was not something else we could do and I conveyed my thoughts and prayers.

The analysts continued with their meetings while those of us not in meetings gathered in the Investor Relations office around the only television on the executive floor. We watched in horror as the buildings fell. The NYSE floor trader called a few minutes later to say trading was halted. I conveyed my thoughts and prayers to him. A few minutes later, I talked with our NYSE representative who told me the Exchange was closing and she was heading home. I was barely able to hold my emotions in check as I told her we would be praying for her and everyone else in NYC. Then the plane hit the Pentagon. As a former military brat, I knew we were under attack. My immediate thought was, “Shut down the borders, bring home the troops and lock this place up against any intruders.”

Our analysts showed the most control as they completed their meetings and left to pick up their rental car. They had lost many friends when the towers fell, but their offices were not housed in the WTC. One of our bond analysts died in the WTC collapse. She had been something of a maverick and had left an indelible impression on all who knew her. I later learned that one of my high school alumni died in the Pentagon.

That evening was eerily silent in my home near the DFW airport. The shock was wearing off and I realized our country would never be the same.

By 2003, our NYSE representative had two children and then retired. I left the corporate world then as well.

Laura S.

Dick Winter’s 9/11 Memory

I was working the 7-3 shift at work when we heard that bombs had gone off in the World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon. later we learned that planes had been crashed into these buildings and that there were an undetermined number of casualties. In any case, i stopped my forklift in sight of everyone and said a short prayer for everyone involved, including the hijackers.

Dick Winter
formerly US Navy submariner

Joseph Cinadr’s 9/11 Memory

On 9-11-01, I was the National President of the League of Postmasters and was representing our members at a Board of Governors meeting held at Postal Headquarters in Washington DC. The meeting was on the 11th floor of L’enfant Plaza and I was seated next to the window with a view of the Pentagon. Shortly after the first tower was struck, postal inspectors interrupted the meeting to notify us of the “accident”. They came back after the second tower was struck and notified us it was no longer an accident. After the Pentagon was struck, the postal inspectors notified us we were in the next tallest building in that part of Washington and advised us to leave immediately. I could see smoke billowing from the Pentagon as we exited.

I left and drove by the Pentagon on my way back to League headquarters in Alexandria. As I viewed the mushroom shaped cloud of smoke over the Pentagon, I remember praying that I was dreaming all this.

Joseph W. Cinadr

Carter Overton’s 9/11 Memory

I had just arrived at my job in Shreveport when I heard the news about the attack. It was so hard to work that day. The shock and horror of what transpired was consuming. When I got home that evening, I was transfixed to the TV and thinking about what people were going through. I started to write my thoughts but it came out more like a poem than anything else. This was unusual because I don’t keep a journal or write poems. I guess the last poem I wrote was in elementary school. But like I said the tragedy had consumed me like it had most Americans. Anyway, it only took about half an hour, except for a tweaking here and there (at first we thought it was about 6000 people). I shared it with my sister-in-law who attached a night view picture of the twin towers with the statue of liberty showing in between them and made a bookmark for me. What happened was unimaginable and I pray it never happens again.

Carter Z. Overton
Virginia Beach, VA

L Gudell’s 9/11 Memory

The morning of the attacks I was in Milwaukee spending my last day with my family I was due to arrive at Navy Bootcamp on 9/12 my recruiter picked me up and took me to MEPS where we were told our country was under attack and did not have to proceed… On 9/13 I made the 2hr drive to bootcamp and eventually became a cryptologist.

CTR3 L. Gudell

William Leuthner’s 9/11 Memory

I remember that day as if it was yesterday. Although I was in Florida at the time, I’m originally from New York, and I felt like they invaded my back yard, and will never forget that and those who lost their lives. I was watching the morning news and for a brief moment thought I had the wrong channel on watching an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, and then reality hit me, hit me hard. I still have family living in New York, so I immediately called one of my sisters but the phone was dead. She and her family live but a 15 minute drive from the Big Apple, and my brother in law works in the garment district. Now I’m frantic and feel helpless, so I call my other sister who was at work and witnessed this horrible act from her office in New Jersey. Thankfully, my family was spared, however, my heart goes out to families of the firemen and police who put their lives on the line, and to the thousands of innocent Americans from Pennsylvania and New York.

William Leuthner

Ralph Ricciardi’s 9/11 Memory

On September 1, 2001 I was at home here in Arizona watching the attack from the first News Break. I contacted my family in New Jersey to make sure my cousins who work in the Twin Towers were ok. Thank God they were not in the building during that time. My brother Joseph was directly across from the towers in Newark, N.J. where he was employed. He did suffer some trauma as he told me he saw the second Tower come down. For many years he would not go on or near an aircraft with the fear of flashbacks, PTSD. Today he has overcome most of that fear and is able to travel to Florida to see our older brother. I am a Vietnam Veteran, and I love our Country.

Ralph L. Ricciardi

Meredith Goodwin”s 9/11 Memory

The morning of Sept 11, 2001 I was in San Francisco.  The radio alarm went off that morning, tuned to NPR as it usually is.  Typically we both take our time getting out of bed, but that morning my husband leaped out of bed and ran into the living room to turn on the television.  We both saw the second airplane strike the WTC.  I was in shock.

At that point I was not in the military, but had been considering joining the Reserves for many years.  That event tipped me over, and over a year later I became (and still am) a proud member of the USAF Reserves Medical Corps.

I find it especially fitting that I will be pinning on Col this year on the Sunday of our UTA, which happens to be Sept 11th.

Meredith Goodwin, Col, MC, FS, USAFR

919 MDS, Eglin AFB, Florida

Hank’s 9/11 Memory

I guess I felt the same as I did when I was in high school during WWII with one more year to graduate. Everyday I heard about all the ships being sunk off our east coast, and me sitting there in my high school classes doing nothing about our country being defeated by mostly German U-Boats laying out there sinking all our ships.

I quit my last year of school, and enlisted in the U.S. Marines, fighting almost three years in the pacific against fanaticial japanese till the war was over.

Unfortunately this time I Had to leave that job to my many grandchildren to take my place, of which there is still 3 of the original 7 that served our country.