William Leuthner’s 9/11 Memory

I remember that day as if it was yesterday. Although I was in Florida at the time, I’m originally from New York, and I felt like they invaded my back yard, and will never forget that and those who lost their lives. I was watching the morning news and for a brief moment thought I had the wrong channel on watching an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, and then reality hit me, hit me hard. I still have family living in New York, so I immediately called one of my sisters but the phone was dead. She and her family live but a 15 minute drive from the Big Apple, and my brother in law works in the garment district. Now I’m frantic and feel helpless, so I call my other sister who was at work and witnessed this horrible act from her office in New Jersey. Thankfully, my family was spared, however, my heart goes out to families of the firemen and police who put their lives on the line, and to the thousands of innocent Americans from Pennsylvania and New York.

William Leuthner