Carter Overton’s 9/11 Memory

I had just arrived at my job in Shreveport when I heard the news about the attack. It was so hard to work that day. The shock and horror of what transpired was consuming. When I got home that evening, I was transfixed to the TV and thinking about what people were going through. I started to write my thoughts but it came out more like a poem than anything else. This was unusual because I don’t keep a journal or write poems. I guess the last poem I wrote was in elementary school. But like I said the tragedy had consumed me like it had most Americans. Anyway, it only took about half an hour, except for a tweaking here and there (at first we thought it was about 6000 people). I shared it with my sister-in-law who attached a night view picture of the twin towers with the statue of liberty showing in between them and made a bookmark for me. What happened was unimaginable and I pray it never happens again.

Carter Z. Overton
Virginia Beach, VA