Rocky Allen: American Hero, Amazing Artist

A quick glance at the work of US Naval Veteran Rocky Allen tells you that he is a man of extreme talent! What you don’t necessarily see is how much Rocky has overcome to get to this point of self-expression.

Rocky Allen served in the US Navy from 2007-2011. His last year of active duty was spent as a Surgical Technician in the OR at Kandahar Airfield Hospital, the NATO Role 3 Trauma Center in Afghanistan. There is no doubt that Rocky saw some horrific things while stationed there, so it was no surprise that he returned home with PTSD.

The PTSD was a recognized side-effect of his time in Kandahar. His long hours in the OR and exposure to extreme trauma while there left him not only with that severe PTSD, but also with an opioid addiction that had taken a strangle-hold on his life. Rocky’s loved ones watched him slip away and were beginning to lose hope. 

Fortunately for Rocky, it was through taking an art class in a facility that he unlocked his long-hidden artistic gift. Through that untapped talent, Rocky found healing and an inner peacefulness that had been absent since his time in Afghanistan. It wasn’t enough for Rocky to simply use his talent for his own healing. He has been using his talent to help others as well. 

Over the past several years, Rocky has served as an inspiration for those who find themselves experiencing similar struggles. He encourages others to unlock the healing power of art and even teaches art classes at the facility where he resides. 

In addition to teaching art, Rocky exhibits his art through Veteran Art Connection and hopes to showcase his work through VA Hospitals and other venues to help spread the message of healing to other veterans.

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