Dave Haas’ 9/11 Memory

I have vivid memories of that day. I was watching ABC news and Diane Sawyer broke in and said there was a fire in the trade center. They went to a video of the event and Diane and Charlie were watching out their window when another aircraft came into view went into a slow banking turn and crashed into the far side of the Trade Center. If you have the tape of this event you see will see the two of them watching and they were speechless. I spent the next two days glued to the TV to track all that was happening. It is one of the numerous events since my career began in 1949 that, to me ,were earth shaking.

Dave Haas, USAF retired

Kris Jenkins’ 9/11 Memory

I was living in the Fairbanks, Alaska area and got a call from my middle daughter who was attending college on the East Coast. She called after the first tower was hit and I watched in shock as the 2nd plane hit. I was working for the Alaska Dept of Fish & Game at the time, and attending school full-time pursuing a Social Work degree. I went to my first class of the semester that morning and it was my main Social Work class. Our instructor used the event as a teaching opportunity and we did a “Crisis Debriefing” about the attacks. Working for Fish & Game, it was the middle of hunting season and we had a lot of hunters out in remote areas that could not be picked up (planes were not flying) and some were very upset to hear from others who were floating down the river and were told that the United States was under attack. It was a pretty helpless feeling for a lot of the hunters and fairly confusing for those who didn’t know what happened until the planes could start flying again and get out to pick them up. Living in Alaska is different. For those vacationing, if you miss a flight in the States, you can just go get a rental car. It’s not that easy in Alaska!

Kris Jenkins

Scott Bellows’ 9/11 Memory

On that tragic day I was working at Ransom Everglades School in Coconut Grove, FL. There are two campuses and I was driving from one to the other when I was called on my cell and told something that I had a hard time believing. By the time I arrived at the other school campus, all eyes were glued to the television and, not long after that, we saw the second plane hit the second tower. We all knew at that moment that the America we knew had ceased to exist and that the implications stretched far beyond our borders.

Scott Bellows

Leslie Armstrong’s 9/11 Memory

On September 11, 2001 I was just getting up when my mom called and told me to turn on the TV. Every channel had the towers on, front and center, my heart stopped. I called work and asked if they wanted me to come in, but the base was shut down and I was to stay home and close to the phone. Years later I bought a VW Bug and decided to paint it and decorate it to “REMEMBER 9/11”. I go to many car shows in California and to this day people are glad I honor the memories of those who died. We as a nation should never forget and I shall always remind people with my car.

Leslie Armstrong, NAVAIR

Gordon Summer’s 9/11 Memory

Hard to believe it’s been 10 years since that awful day. I was in the Pentagon, has just left that area before the plane hit where my friend, SGM Larry Strickland and I were chatting as he was to join my team 1 Nov. Unfortunately he was killed. I lost 6 friends that day. Funny thing was when I finally got home and my daughter, a HS Senior ran out to hug me in the yard, knocking me down (strong soccer player!). After burying her face in my chest for a moment, she reeled up saying “Wow, Papa, you stink!!!” LOLOL

Gordon Summer

James Webb Sr.’s 9/11 Memory

I am 75 years old this year 2011. The night before the Trade Centers fell to the ground I was playing with my “Microsoft Flight Simulator 98”. The night before I started my flying in a Cessna 172 out of Beaver-marsh, OR, a dirt runway and heading north to Bend, OR. There was not much to see so I went to Christmas Valley, OR and headed west, and again there was not much to see. Therefore, I chose a ready made flight over New York City and it started out at about 5000 feet elevation heading north and as I looked down to my left there was the city with a lot of tall buildings. I like the challenge of flying between the tall ones. Just before heading down and between these two real tall buildings I realized that I had almost over shot my approach to go between them, but knowing that this game would reset itself I was going to try it any way. It happened, I didn’t make it between them and I ran into that first one that was hit in the same area the next day and fell to the ground. Now you can imagine the surprise I had the next morning when I saw the news and saw the same building fall to the ground after it being hit by a real aircraft. I almost felt that it was my fault.

James Webb Sr.

C. Leonard Schlamp’s 9/11 Memory

As secretary of the USS ESSEX Association I was registering attendees at our reunion in Atlanta, GA when I received word of the attacks.

C. Leonard Schlamp

Terri Croxton’s 9/11 Memory

I was lying in bed watching the today show with Matt and Katie when all of a sudden they showed a plan flying into the tower, I thought I was dreaming or it was a simulated trick of some kind. That day did and will always remind me of how life can change so suddenly, the innocent lives that were lost, families torn apart, children without fathers or mothers and mother and fathers without children. Such a senseless act. I learned that America is no longer viewed as a super power and that we too are vulnerable. Let’s learn a lesson and never forget 9/11, let us all be prayful, mindful, steadfast, watchful and do all we can as individuals to keep us all safe.

Terri Croxton

Susan Spencer’s 9/11 Memory

The news of attack by terrorists on 11 September 2001 came and startled me awake. I had worked nights in a labor and delivery unit in Cartersville, Georgia. My husband, a newly retired Air Force executive drove the 8th grader and 10th grader to school. My bedtime habit was to go to bed with the Today Show on and “sleep-time” the remote. Typically I fell asleep somewhere in the first thirty minutes or so, the TV went off at some point and I slept until about 2:30 in the afternoon – to make the pick-up at school. On September 11, 2001 I had that I had drifted into a sound sleep when an urgency in the voices of the news team at NBC studios in New York woke me. The experience was truly terrifying. I left the bedroom to find my husband in the kitchen making himself breakfast and oblivious to the events. I told him briefly what I knew and turned on the television so he could make some sense of it.

He knew nothing, of course. We could make no sense of it. I knew I wanted my children home – right then. I dressed and went directly to the school to find traffic all around the school and other parents with the same idea. Parents were hugging kids, kids hugging kids, parents hugging parents. We had a common enemy, but we could not positively identify them.

The patriotism and consuming nature of the tragedy gave me something on which to focus my attention. I was glad to put some of those feelings of fear to rest. I hope to never forget the circumstances and to be involved in change that focuses attention on patriotism.

Susan Spencer, MSN, RNC, IBCLC

Audy Woodham’s 9/11 Memory

I was at home on that fateful day. I was in the kitchen doing dishes and my then husband called me to turn around, as I did, I saw the plane hit tower two. I couldn’t move. I started crying and shaking and thought to myself why is this happening? My phone started ringing like crazy, friends were calling, family was calling, we all discussed what just happened. A lot of my veteran friends and I started talking about going back in or being possibly recalled back to active duty. I thought of my family, could I leave them again? I was scared but if my country needed me I would have gone back in. All we could do was pray, and pray we did.

Ms. Audy Woodham