Letter from Hollywood – Ross McCall

Letter from Hollywood

To my brothers and sisters in the military,

As a proud Scotsman gratefully living in the United States, a country I love, I humbly bow to you all and your efforts for keeping us safe in the world we live.

I am a devoted supporter of the military after proudly playing Cpl. Joseph Liebgott from Easy Company, 2nd Battalion of the 506th, 101st Airborne, in the “Band of Brothers.” Through him and his brave brothers and sisters by his side, I became part of a family. I continue to travel the States and beyond, raising awareness for our wounded warriors and those, like yourselves, who bring us safety and comfort not only here in America but also throughout Europe and my homeland.

I cannot thank you all enough. Your courage. Your passion. Your devotion to let others live in a world without fear is a testament to your heroism. You are a special group that can only be described as extraordinary. To commit your lives, and those of your family, to the continued march toward peace, is beyond gracious and kind. It will never be forgotten.

Our thanks is united. Our support is unshakable. It is a privilege to communicate with you all in the ways that we get to do. I have been blessed to have spent time with many of you and look forward to doing it some more. Until then: be well, stand tall and God bless.

With a bow and respect, my humblest thanks.

Ross McCall